Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Real Talk: Month 1 of Workout Chart/ No Carb Week review

Finally! Time to talk about my first month of using my workout chart!

 I had the idea on the 14th of January, so naturally, I started my chart on the 15th of January and mapped out a month of exercises with one free day a week to relax. I only missed 4 days out of the entire month! 2 of those days were due to the flu and the other 2 were due to the gym being under construction. I even worked out on all but 1 of my free days, just because I wanted to. This chart has been the perfect little motivator for me. I hung it in my kitchen so I'd see it every morning. I'd check the date, read the exercise I had suggested for myself and then it would be in my head all day that I needed to do that exercise. By the time my husband got home from work in the evenings I was itching to get to the gym and I did! Almost every single night and even some mornings! I'd complete my session at the gym and color in my square, which allowed me to see what I was accomplishing. I think being able to see my dedication really helped me keep going. I'd have three days colored in a row and I wouldn't want to break the pattern so I'd get up the next day and do my thing. My chart ended on Saturday February 16th and when I woke up Monday February 18th my wonderful husband had created a new chart for me. It made me feel so supported. I've noticed a large part of my weight-loss success is due to the incredible support from my husband. From making healthy meals, to encouraging my workouts, to simple compliments, he's been a key factor in my progress. My new chart is now hanging in the kitchen, with 2 days colored in already!

Thank you, husband.


Part two of Real Talk: No Carb Week review 

Here's the thing. No Carb Week turned in to Low Carb Week real quick. There were a couple of things that I hadn't considered when I decided to implement my no carb experiment. #1: Mardi Gras #2: Valentine's Day. So, admittedly, I did have the tiniest piece of King's Cake on Tuesday in celebration of Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday. Then, on Valentine's day, it's a tradition between my husband and myself to have French Onion Soup, which as we all know, has two little baguette slices on top. So, those are my carby sins this week. HOWEVER, my carb intake was significantly reduced, regardless of my two indulgences, and so I was still able to test my hypothesis and it was correct. The carbs are keeping me puffy. I noticed my cheek bones are standing out a bit more, after only 1 week of careful carbohydrate intake. My arms appear thinner and wait for it...MY JEANS ZIPPED!

Now, they're still a little snug, but not too snug to keep from wearing them out to the grocery store yesterday! I literally have not worn pre pregnancy jeans in over a year! It's been maternity pants since my 3rd month of pregnancy, so this is a big deal for me! In light of my tiny success, I've decided to try to maintain a low carb lifestyle with 1 cheat day a week to do with as I please.

I feel more motivated now, than I have so far, in the whole 7 months of my post pregnancy weight-loss journey. I'm sorry the meal posts have been kind of quiet, but as I've said before, I eat a lot of the same things, i.e. spinach salads, fruits, rice, chicken breast, boiled eggs, various veggies. But, I'll still try to post some fun meals here and there. Right now, most of my energy is invested in my workout routines instead of creative meals. 

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