Friday, February 15, 2013

Chicken & Veggies

For my meat eating readers:
This is so simple and so satisfying.

1 boneless/ skinless chicken breast prepared on a skillet with no salt, no butter. I only sprayed the pan lightly with crisco. I'll admit, preparing it that way leaves the chicken with a water-like flavor. Some people may prefer this with some seasoning, but I'm trying to be careful about my sodium intake. Do what makes you happy, though.

Boiled carrots. You guys, boiled carrots are amazing! They taste even sweeter than when raw.

1/4 cup brown rice, tiny dab of unsalted butter.

1 glass of water to wash it down

and there you have it!

This meal totals a measly 192 calories! Don't let the number fool you, it's SO filling. In fact, I couldn't finish the chicken breast. Chicken breast with veggies has been my go-to meat lunch and sometimes dinner, lately. It fills you up without fattening you up! Also, this photo is kind of deceiving, the serving size looks much larger than it was in real life. The plate is actually a side dish plate, not a full size dinner plate, and the chicken breast is not as large as it looks, just an FYI.

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