Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cleanse-day Report

As promised, I'm reporting back about yesterday's cleanse day. I actually did really well, considering I was out and about with a friend most of the day (it's hard to stay on track when roaming antique shops, candy stores and ice cream parlors, but I did it!) Two things didn't go quite as planned, I'll explain.

The morning started off swimmingly. I had my green smoothie, which you can read about HERE, and I did my yoga stretches. Snacks went as planned, with berries, green tea and almonds throughout the day. Lunch is where I must confess, I had 2 veggie rolls instead of one and some spicy edamame. I was lunching with a pal, so forgive me. But I got back on track in the evening with a simple salad donning greens, fresh onion, garlic cloves, cucumber and tomatoes. Not exactly the rice dish with avocado and tomatoes I had planned for, but still healthy and simple. The facial scrub was AMAZING, ladies. My skin has been acting up as I have begun detoxing my body of all the junk I used to consume, so the scrub made me feel silky smooth and pretty. I made my own Rosewater for it using petals from roses that my husband brought home last week. Read about how to make your own HERE. The only thing I'd do different next time, is do the facial scrub at night instead of the morning.
All in all, I'd say Cleanse-day was successful and I'm going to start pre-planning this coming Saturday's cleanse ritual now.

bonne journée, ladies!

**it is not recommended that you work out on a day similar to my cleanse day, because you aren't consuming enough calories to support vigorous activity.

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