Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SM Weigh-in

Sorry for the silence. I've been a busy Mama, lately. Entertaining visiting family, Easter parties, birthday parties, etc. I'm about 2 weeks, or so, overdue for a Skinny Mama weigh in. Here it goes.

I've only lost 2 lbs since my last post, putting me at 155.5 At first this was frustrating, because I just have a little less than 15 lbs to lose and I was hoping they would go quickly, or at least as steadily, as the previous pounds have gone. However, from talking to other women that have gone through significant post-pregnancy weight-loss, the last 15 lbs are the hardest to get rid of. So, that is that. To be honest, this last week we had family in town and my healthy eating habits took a back seat for a few days. This week I've been re-training myself back into smaller portions. It's crazy how quickly you can sabotage progress just by taking a few days off. Oh well, no point in mourning, just have to pick up and keep going. Good new is I didn't gain any weight during my tiny break. I have a whole set of new workouts lined up for next week, which I'll be sharing in an upcoming post. I'm excited to mix it up a bit. Also, come Saturday it's supposed to be in the 60's here, which means more walks outside with the baby!

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