Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SkinnyMama Weigh In: 7.5 months post pregnancy

YES! 160 lbs on the dot, suckaaaaahs! Woo! For the last week I've been wondering if I was losing any weight at all, because the scale in my gym disappeared and I don't own one. But, this morning it reappeared and I was super happy with the number! If 160 feels this good, I can't wait until I see 140 on that thing! 210-160= 50 lbs lost! HOLY CRAP. Now, the hard work begins. I hear the last 15 are the most difficult to lose, so let's see what this mama can do.

Here is a picture of my 160 pound bod. My belly skin is still a little weird from being stretched beyond capacity, my hips are forever wider than they once were, I definitely have little love handles hanging around and my face is still kinda puffy looking. But, I'm hoping this next month will help even things out.


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    1. Thank you! Post prego weight loss is way harder than i hoped it would be, but getting there!