Friday, January 11, 2013

Skinny Open-face Bagel Sandwich

It is true that bagels tend to offer a whole bunch of calories without offering up much nutrition. However, there are healthy ways to sneak a bagel into your life without overdoing the calorie count. I am a devoted bagel lover, so figuring out where I could cut calories in order to still enjoy one of my favorite carby foods was a must for me. Here's what I came up with.

  1. Only use half of the bagel! this is key. By eating only one half of the bagel you're cutting 100 calories out right there. 
  2. Say no to cream cheese! I looove cream cheese, but my thighs do not. If you need something creamy to go on your bagel slice, try my avocado spread which you can find HERE
  3. Hard boil an egg or fry up some tofu with oil, garlic and pepper. By hard boiling an egg you avoid the buttery calories that come with frying an egg. Tofu and eggs have roughly the same calorie count, so it just depends on your preference. (This morning I went with tofu and it has a similar consistency to a fried egg)
  4. Add some gooey, deliciousness to your sandwich with half a slice of low fat swiss cheese or one wedge of light creamy swiss spread. 
  5. Top it off with a tomato garnish and some pepper.

Total calories for pictured sandwich: 217

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