Sunday, March 10, 2013

makin' it work.

 Lately, I've been really focused on my workout routine. for the last few months I've been mostly running on the treadmill. That worked at first, but my body became accustomed to it, so it was time to mix it up. First, I threw in stationary biking. That  shiz is hard! Never underestimate the power of a stationary bike. Talk about burning thighs and buttocks (yay!) I run for 10 minutes/bike 5 minutes/walk 5 minutes/ run 10 minutes and then end with intense biking for 5 minutes. This kicked my butt and definitely got my body responding to workouts again. Then, last week I threw in arm exercises. On the days I do arms I run for 15 minutes, lift 10 lb weights for 25 reps, walk for 5 minutes, life 10 lb weights for 25 more reps and then run 10/ walk 5. (sorry if this is confusing.) I do two days of each cycle and then the other 2 days I just run for 30 min. Mixing it up seems to be doing me a lot of good. My legs are certainly benefiting from it, but stomach is still a major issue. Next week my sister is going to teach me how to whip those love handles into shape. I'll be sure to share her tips with you.

I'm only down 1 pound this week. That's ok, I'm not worried about it. I expected it, really, because last week my husband was out of town and working out with a baby rolling around is pretty hard. So, my workouts were few and far between. Also, I'm about to start my lady-week (TMI??) so I'm retaining a bit of water and all that fun stuff. Next week my baby will be 8 months and I'm no where near I thought I'd be in the weight-loss process. It's hard. But losing 51 lbs ain't bad, I suppose. Still have about 15-20 to go. One day at a time.

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