Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Cleansing Rituals

I hear a lot of people doing diets where they get a "cheat" day. I understand the the underlying idea behind it, but it seems like most people participating in a "cheat" day over do it ten fold and then they spend the next three days making up for it. A friend of mine, who has had a lot of success losing weight on such a diet and looks wonderful (good job!!) still struggles with terrible breakouts and interestingly enough, she noticed they occur right after a "cheat" day. SkinnyMama is not about dieting, it's about a healthy lifestyle. So, instead of encouraging one day a week where we bulk up on fatty foods, I encourage you Mama's to give your self a little treat here or there when you are pining for one. Don't make yourself miserable all week and then raid the Krispy Kreme on Saturday! Just give yourself what you need when you need it, in moderation, of course. In light of that, I have decided to implement a "cleanse" day for myself. These days, I try to consume mostly healthy foods packed with fun things that make me feel good. But, I also felt the need to give my body one day a week where I dedicate everything I consume to giving it a "belly-bath" as my step-daughter likes to call it. I've chosen Saturdays because my husband is home all day Sunday and I'd rather just veg out with him than worry about if what I'm eating is up to par with the cleanse. I've pre-planned today's cleanse and I'll report back tomorrow to let you know how I feel.

Today's Cleanse:

Breakfast: 8 oz green smoothie (get the recipe HERE)
Snack: a bowl of mixed berries, 8 oz green tea
Lunch: Vegetable sushi roll,  8 oz water
Snack: small bowl of almonds, 8 oz water
Dinner: Avocado & tomato over brown rice with lemon juice & black pepper

Facial Cleanse:
1 tsp rosewater
1/2 tsp finely ground almonds
mix into paste and apply

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